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Simcor Module

Simcor Module is a type of corner module which is made from pre compressed single U fold of simwool blanket  and cut into special shape to go into furnace opening or around corner while maintaining specific density and combined all folds through yoke anchoring system. Features are same as well as Simmax Module.


  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Great Mechanical Strength
  • Resistant to gas flow erosion
  • Short heating and cooling time
  • Resistant to thermal shock
  • Flexible and easy to cut and install
  • Asbestos free


  • Iron and Steel reheating furnace
  • Multi and single stack coil annealing furnace
  • Transfer ladle lids
  • Continuous annealing and coat ducting furnaces
  • Petrochemical: Reformers, Duct-work pyrolysis heaters
  • Ceramic: Shuttle kiln, Tunnel Kiln, Kiln Cars
  • Utilities: Waste heat recovery units, Combustion chambers, Boiler ductwork

Available Product Range and Packing Details

Product Name

Grade (°C)

Nominal module density (kg/m3)


(T x W x L)


Anchor Type



Anchor Qty (Nos)


LDPE Packing

Box Packing

Simcor module



128/160/ 192/240

As per Applicable size

Yoke, tube



Stud & Nut

Each Module

Depends on size

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