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Simwool Ceramic Fiber Bulk

Simond Fibertech Limited manufactures a superlative range of ceramic bulk fibers. Simwool Bulk Fibers are made from high purity alumina, Silica (and Zircon).

Simwool Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Simwool Ceramic Fiber Blanket is made from high purity Simwool Bulk Fibers. Double needling enhances the physical properties of the blanket, conferring good strength & handling ability.

HeatShield Blanket

Simwool Heat Shield Blanket is designed to give end user better flexibility when using insulation blanket in area where surface protection may be required or aesthetic appearance is desired.

Simvac Ceramic Fiber Board

Simvac Ceramic Fiber Board is made from refractory fibers and binders which have low organic content, the mixture is then vacuum processed into boards.

Simwool Ceramic Fiber Module

Simwool Ceramic Fiber Module is made from high quality Simwool Ceramic Fiber Blanket and is folded & strapped under compression to form folded module

Simwool Ceramic Fiber Rope

Simwool Ceramic Fiber Rope is a round braided rope. It is made from high quality Simwool Fiber reinforced with fiberglass or stainless steel wire for high temperature use.

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