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Simwool Module

Simwool modules are made from high quality needled blanket, which can be used at high temperature insulation. In the Layered construction ceramic fiber blanket and board, anchors lye out to hot face temperature. This is the scenario in which Simwool Module Systems finds application where insulation of higher thickness is must and anchors are to be protected from high hot face temperature.


  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Great Mechanical Strength
  • Resistant to gas flow erosion
  • Short heating and cooling time
  • Resistant to thermal shock
  • Flexible and easy to cut and install
  • Asbestos free


  • Iron and Steel reheating furnace
  • Multi and single stack coil annealing furnace
  • Transfer ladle lids
  • Continuous annealing and coat ducting furnaces
  • Petrochemical: Reformers, Duct-work pyrolysis heaters
  • Ceramic: Shuttle kiln, Tunnel Kiln, Kiln Cars
  • Utilities: Waste heat recovery units, Combustion chambers, Boiler ductwork

Available Product Range and Packing Details

Product Name

Grade (°C)

Nominal module density (kg/m3)


(T x W x L)


Anchor Type



Anchor Qty (Nos)


LDPE Packing

Box Packing

Simwool module





125 x 305 x 305

Without anchor




Each Module

10 pcs Each Box

150 x 305 x 305

08 pcs Each Box

175 x 305 x 305

06 pcs Each Box

200 x 305 x 305

06 pcs Each Box

225 x 305 x 305

04 pcs Each Box

250 x 305 x 305

04 pcs Each Box

275 x 305 x 305

04 pcs Each Box

305 x 305 x 305

04 pcs Each Box

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