1425°C (2600°F)
1260°C (2300°F)
Available in the Temperature Grades of
Simwool Bulk Fibers

Simond Fibertech Limited manufactures a superlative range of ceramic bulk fibers. Simwool Bulk Fibers are made from high purity Alumina, Silica (and Zircon). They are resistant to chemical attack and are long & flexible with high refractory properties. Simwool Bulk Fibers can be needled to form a blanket, converted into ceramic fiber boards and ceramic fiber shapes, or blended into liquid binders for coatings and cements.


  • Excellent thermal and chemical stability
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Resilient up to high temperatures
  • Light weight, low heat storage capacity
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Excellent sound absorber
  • Asbestos free


  • Raw material of secondary ceramic fiber products e.g. blanket, paper, board
  • Expansion joint seal
  • Temporary repair of insulation
  • Loose insulating fill for complex spaces and areas where access is difficult

Available Product Range and Packing Details

Grade (°C)  Quantity/Bag  Packing (Bag) Type
1260°C (2300°F)  15 Kg. HDPE Bag
1425°C (2600°F) 15 Kg. HDPE Bag

Wide Range of Top Drawer Refractory Ceramic Fiber Products

Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Ceramic Fiber Board

Ceramic Fiber Module

Ceramic Fiber Rope

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